Parking in florence for a day


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Hello, just a quick question, will be in florence for a day, at around 8h00 in the morning, and we will be driving from castellina in chianti, what is the best location, also the closest paid parkink lot from the center, we will visit degli uffizi and pitti pallazi. Also what s the best road to enter this parking. Thanks in advace


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Likely the best parking spaces will be the ones near Porta Romana in the Oltrano area - map Porta Romana, Pitti Palace and Uffizi so you can see the distance and how to get there. Map directions from Castellina in Chianti to get precise info on how to get to the parking areas. All the paid parking lots are outside the ZTL area, but you have to be careful as they are all right next to the center, so take a bad turn and you're in the ZTL.
Good luck, enjoy Florence!