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Hi everyone,

any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

-is there a maximum time limit on parking in a "blue" street car parking spot on a sunday. (planning on parking from 9am -10pm)?

- is there a maximum time, or any issue with, parking at an esselunga (parking for 5hours ...8am-1pm approximately)

- where is the car pound if i get towed? contact number?

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Parking in blue lines


as long as the area allows for free parking on Sunday then you can park from Saturday at 8 pm in the evening until Monday 8 am in the morning.

See this article (look for the part about STREET PARKING) for even more details:

Be sure to check that the Esselunga parking lot does not have a bar that allows entrance and regulates exits - because that is a sure sign that you need to pay. However, if the parking lot is open then normally there are no time limits to your stay. I would caution though that many times even if there is not an exit that regulates entrance/exit - they normally close the parking lots after store hours so you will have a hard time getting out.

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I'll just answer for the other questions Donna didn't get to.

As far as street parking, if you park overnight, make sure you check nearby signs for day that street cleaning occurs, marked as "Pulizia stradale". It means that if that street is to be cleaned during the night, then you can't park there -- this is clear when you arrive to park at night an find lots and lots of space open!

In any case, if you were to get towed, the city pound is on Via Allende 18/20, 50127 Firenze, which you can reach by bus Ataf 57 and 23, the phone is 055.4224142 and e-mail: Opening hours are on this page (note that it is closed on Sundays and holidays):