Parking in Montecatini and Viareggio


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My family and I (7 of us) will be in Tuscany in June and we're renting a Villa in the hills above Montecatini. We plan to take day trips from Montecatini via train. Is there public parking available at either the Montecatini Centro or Montecatini Terme - Monsummano train station?

Also, we want to take the boat tour from Viareggio to Cinque Terre. Is there public parking available in Viareggion or are we better off to take the train from Montecatini and either walk or take a taxi from the station to the docks?

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Montecatini and Viareggio maps

Ciao! Very good questions, I've gone ahead and made maps to better show my suggestions :D

For Montecatini: I'd recommend using the Montecatini Terme stop, it is the main one therefore will have more trains stopping there, has parking and bus lines start there... but double check on for train timetables to both stops, see which is more convenient.

There is parking in front of the station but it isn't that big, it is likely to get full... if that is the case just about 2 blocks away, there is a bigger lot so you have this other choice as well - see the map, I've mapped both. Here it is:

As for Viareggio: there are free parking lots where you can leave your car and then take a bus to the center of town as well as parking close to the port.... but those closer to the port might not be free, I didn't find them on the list by the local authorities that said they were.... but you could always check once you're there, they might!

Take a look at the map here:

The closest FREE parking is called "Stazione Vecchia" - and the closest exit off the A12 is the Viareggio Sud exit.

Hope these help!! :)