Parking in Pisa?


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We are going to be driving from san gimignano to la spezia and would like to stop in Pisa for a few hours to see the tower and lunch. We will have our luggage with us but do not want to leave it in the car thanks to many people's advice. I understand there is a luggage drop at the Pisa Centrale train station. Is there a parking lot near Pisa Centrale? How can you get from Pisa Centrale to the tower?

Also unrelated - any great lunch recommendations? :D


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Parking in Pisa


THough I would not want to dissuade you from leaving your luggage at a deposit area, I would also suggest that if your luggage is not left in an area of the car where all can see it, you will reduce your risk greatly. Keep your luggage in the boot of the car or well covered if it must stay in an area visible to the public - this is useful where ever you may park your car. I have been to Pisa several times - with and without luggage, and I have never had a problem or spoke with someone who followed this suggestion and had problems.

As for parking in Pisa here are several options you may want to look into

Here is a link for at least one place I found that offers deposit services:

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