Parking - large 9-passenger van airbnb Ponte Vecchio - 3 days


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I've read a lot of your great information on parking in Florence. Thank you. A specific question. There's 7 of our family. Young adults in early 20s, wife/myself 50s, in-laws late 70s. We're staying at airbb right next to Ponte Vecchio. I'm thinking I will drive right to our airbnb (Sunday - no ZTL) drop off some luggage, then go park van along with additional luggage, perhaps some valuables/souvenairs from Lunigianna, and leave it for 3 days. Perhaps Sansovino, as not too expensive. Can I reserve ahead of time for Sansovino? What do you think if this plan in general?

Also, Not sure if I'll be able to drive back in on day of departure to pick eveyrone up with luggage. I'm guessing I'll have to check with airbnb host to see if she has special whitelist authorizations...

A bonus question. Perhaps I should do a different post. Suggested nightlife for my early 20 year olds? Dancing? Music? other? - Safe


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The first thing I suggest is to check with the owner of the airbnb, many times they have special prices for parking lots nearby - AND if you are considering leaving anything in the vehicle, a closed parking area may be a safer bet. Though personally, I would be very cautious about leaving anything in the car, no matter where you park it.

If you want to reserve they you will need to go through a private parking lot - the public lots do not take reservations. You can do some price comparisons at our partner site.

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Sansovino is a public parking lot, I would not leave anything valuable in the car unless it is well hidden and small enough to hide it from anyone looking in.

Check with your airb&B as most do NOT offer whitelist authorizations.

You could take a taxi to your car though as a solution on the day of departure.

As for nightlife in Florence, there are various restaurants/night clubs along Via de' Benci - for example, Moyo and the Red Garter. Attract lots of young Americans studying in Florence for a semester. Then there is YAB disco behind Piazza della Repubblica: