Parking near Firenze Santa Maria Novella

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At the cost of repetition, I will have to ask this question which you already have answered many times.
My situation is a bit typical.
We are taking the 7:30 am train from Florence (SMN) to Rome on 6th September, 2013 and returning to Florence (SMN) on 7th September at 10:30 pm.
So total parking is required for close to 40 hours. In addition, we are planning to leave some luggage in the car instead of carrying everything to Rome.

1) How much total should I expect to pay for parking 40 hours, including 1 night?
2) Is it safe to leave luggage in the car?
3) How early should I plan to reach Florence SMN so that I have ample time to find parking and some buffer before train time?
4) We will be coming from Hotel Nord Florence (Via Francesco Baracca 199/A, Novoli - San Donato, 50127 Florence). How much time will we take to reach Florence SMN?


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don't plan to drive to SMN and then park... park and then head to SMN

I suggest you consider a private parking garage if you're planning to leave luggage in the car. It would be the safest way to know your belongings are not spotted and the car won't be in any danger. You can find these both in the city center as well as around the perimeter. Or how about leaving it at your hotel (arranging with them the possibility to leave luggage in the hotel and not in the car) and taking a bus to SMN? Ask your hotel if they can recommend a garage and ask for rates ahead of time.

Otherwise, a parking lot outside of the city center.... do not use the garage under the train station - at 3 euro an hour, it will be pricey! And I am not sure how safe it would be.... I had a bike parked outside the SMN in plain sight with all other bikes stolen in the middle of the day. I am not sure belongings in a car in the underground parking lot wouldn't attract attention. Florence is relatively safe city, but petty and small crime like this is a bit too common :(.

In any case, luggage in the car should not be visible to make sure it is safer to not attract attention.

Otherwise, I suggest the lot on Via del Sansovino mentioned here:
and then taking the tram to the SMN station. Tram starts at 6am so you should not have problems taking it. At 12 euro per day, the lot isn't too costly, its above ground with barriers into the lot.