Parking outside Florence overnight

Rachel Plawner

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Hello! hoping to get some help with parking around Florence.

So, we are planning on arriving in August to Florence for a few days and now realized that driving into the city is not recommended. Since we will need the car later in out trip we would like to park it outside the city and use public transportation to our rented apartment (rebooking the car is way more expensive now unfortunately).

Where would be a safe place that we could park safely outside the city for a few days, in close proximity to public transportation (we will have our luggage and 4 kids)?

We are willing to pay for a good parking garage, but free options are better of course.

Thank you so much for any assistance!



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First, where are you staying? At a hotel or B&B or apartment? I would start by contacting them to find out whether they have parking available or if they have a referral close to them with a discount.

Depending on the number of days, not sure you want to leave the car parked outside of town - I would recommend choosing a private garage to be on the safe side.

Rachel Plawner

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Thank you so much! We are staying in the center. Considering parking in the airport to make things easier rather than driving into the city. Would that make sense?


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I agree with Lourdes that the first course of action is to ask the place where you will be staying as usually they will have the closest options.

I think that you should budget for about €30 per 24 hours. Anything less is a good deal.

One option is They do not have an English version but if you use Google Chrome you can get an automatic translation of the various web pages. If you search on Google using - quick parking Firenze - you will see a map showing their 3 locations.