PCR test for returning home


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I am a Canadian fully vaccinated. As of now, we can travel to Italy if we can present our Canadian vaccination records. But when we return Canada from Italy, we need to take a covid PCR test 72-hours prior to our flights. Apart from being negative, the test result must be in English.

I am wondering if there is any info about these medical facilities in Florence or Tuscany?



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More places are offering places where you can get the antigenic Covid test because the government now requires it for most people to work... but that is not what you need for traveling, since you need the PCR test so you have to be careful of choosing the right place.

In the center of town, the lab that offers most places where you can get the PCR test is called Synlab but generally takes about 48 hr to get results. There is a site very close to the Duomo. You can book online here - https://online.synlab.it/
The PCR test costs 50 euro
+10 euro for English document
+50 euro for test within 24hr

The other one centrally located is Istituto Fanfani, located on Piazza della Indipendenza. You can book online here:
75 euro - 10% off if you pay online ahead of time - results by 3pm of following day
costs goes up to 105 euro if you need it fast within 6 hrs because of flight, there is a link to book that on that page above.

As far as PCR tests, these are the two places that are the most organized and give results when they say they will.