Pecorino farms.


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Hi so I’m looking to find some pecorino farms in Tuscany for two reasons. For one I plan on going to Tuscany in November and would like to tour a few different farms preferably ones that can give guided tours and that you can buy the cheese from directly. My other reason is I would like to order some pecorino. I know this is not usual and that it is very strange and bad in some places in Italy but the pecorino is for eating but mainly for a grating over mozzarella on pizza. There are three farms I am very interested in both to order from and her tour so can people please tell me if they think these forms are the best ones or are there better ones? I’m not a big fan of pecorino di Pienza I prefer toscano and Romano, but if none of the best sell those kinds of pecorino I would be open to trying a DI Pienza. The three Firemans I am interested in are caseficio cugusi, Podere bagnolo And caseficio fratelli sanna. Please give me info on if these are good forms and which is the best. If people think these are not good forms please give me other Ideas of farms to order cheese from and to tour. Thanks get back to me as soon as possible.