Photographing Tuscany landscapes and village towns


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I'll be staying in Montepulciano for four days, in early July and would like any advice about getting around to photograph the area. I'll have a car to get around. From what I understand the Val d' Orcia area has some beautiful landscapes and the road between Montepulciano and Montalciano, is lined with them. I'm sure there are many more areas to cover and any advice on finding these spots would be greatly appreciated.



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classic Tuscan landscapes :)

Ciao PGA,

YES, this area is the Tuscany you most often see on postcards and calendars.
Gently rolling hills, groups of cypress trees or even a lone one at the top of a hill, curving unpaved roads that lead to farmhouses.

Lots of places around Montepulciano for the town itself and the vineyards that surround it....
a big one to know about, actually two, are right outside of San Quirico - the small chapel you see here
is called the Cappella di Vitaleta and is found between Pienza and San Quirico. This shot was taken from the road, you'll see lots of cars to the side as people stop to take pics.
I think you can practically go all the way to the chapel but it is on private property and we've never tried it.

The other one is this one:
and it is not too far outside of San Quirico as you head north toward Siena, or as you approach San Quirico from Siena, along the Via Cassia. It is also right off the road, right after a bridge - also lots of cars there. Be careful, because the road widens here and cars pass by way too fast... stop on either side, then go UNDER the bridge to go to the other side rather than cross the road.
This one just looks different in every season, there are pics with no green and just brown dirt all around as well as with the fields covered in clover and red poppies or yellow with rolled hay sitting nearby.... we'd love if you'll share with us what you see as I've yet to go in early July so not sure exactly how it looks ;-). We'll share your pics with the world :)

I just learned today where this one is at:
- on the road to this farmhouse: <-- see how different it looks here? LOL!

I think the best pics will be on the "white" roads as the unpaved roads are called here... just take some roads toward farm houses off the main roads and I am sure you'll get awesome views.
And do share any tips with us too, we're also always looking to take more pics to share with all of our readers ;D