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We are all joining in Florence from different parts of the world and sharing hire cars to drive to
Chianti. I think I saw that McDonalds is a prominent meeting point at Florence train station as some will be arriving into Pisa/Florence by air and by train from Europe plus I believe there is parking at the station. Do you agree or suggest elsewhere. Ciao.


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Ciao Dijohn,

If you're all arriving by train or air, then the Santa Maria Novella train station is a great meeting point. Keep in mind there are two McDonald's at the station, one inside and one outside in Piazza della Stazione (to your left if you arrive by train, left exit and then to the right). The outside one is very visible and likely less "busy" than being inside the station but there is a lot of people at all times in the area.

Given all of the car rental places are to the south of the SMN train station around Borgo Ognissanti - take a look at this page and map it might make more sense to tell everyone to meet on the other side of the train station, in front of Bar Deanna, for example (it is on the corner and has a large insignia so easy to see). That way you then head down without crossing the station all over again.

There is a parking lot underneath the station but it is the most expensive in the city if leave a car there all day. If you don't have a car and need to rent one, then I suggest heading to the rental agency and driving straight to Chianti from there - the ZTL area is quite treacherous and you don't want to miss a street and end up inside it without the proper permit.