Pisa Airport to Tirrenia - Late Arrival


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My wife and I are going to Tirrenia soon for few days. We will arrive at Pisa airport on a Wednesday at about 2130. From what I have read, it looks like the number 10 line from Pisa central station to Tirrenia and Livorno has departures at 2210 and 2330 (I'm hoping we can catch the 2210). I'd like to find out how late the LAM bus from the airport to the central station runs; if I read correctly, it looks like the last bus leaves the airport at 2025. If this is correct, I guess we'll have to take a taxi to Pisa central station. I also understand we may be able to take the train from the airport to Pisa central station; do you know how late the train runs?

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You should be able to find transport to the Pisa Central Station on a regular bases until midnight.

The bus stop is located in from of the Departure Terminal (HALL Check-in A) and it takes approximately 8 - 10 minutes to get into downtown. There is an information office where you can purchase your ticket in the arrivals hall. The link below will give you the times:


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Follow signs at the airport - right now the train line between the airport and Centrale station is undergoing works, so service is done on buses (run by the train company, not LAM so different schedule).
There is one every 10 minutes (ride is 8 min long), the last one to Centrale from the airport is at midnight, then service starts again at 6am. So in case you miss the first bus to Tirrenia, you will surely be able to catch the second once you're at Centrale. You never know how long it takes from arrival to getting out of the airport.... good luck!


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Bus Number 21

Thanks for all of the info!

I've done a little more research myself and it looks like the number 21 bus picks up from the airport when the LAM bus stops running. If I'm looking at the timetable correctly, the #21 runs until midnight so we should have no problem. Please let me know if I'm wrong.