Pisa to Florence... Summer timetable?



I'm doing a mini euro trip in couple of weeks and have everything booked for our travels apart from monte carlo to Florence... I thought the trains weren't showing up from ventimiglia to Florence because the summer timetables weren't up. However when I look now I can book from ventimiglia to Genoa and Genoa to Pisa. However it's saying there are no trains from pisa to Florence on the day we need to travel (15th June) ? Is this correct or are more timetables to be released?
And if it is correct is there a bus from pisa to Florence that we can take instead?



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If you're taking regional trains, you don't need to book ahead of time... you can wait and get the whole trip once you're in Montecarlo or Ventimiglia.

It is likely that the train website will be showing possibility to book for June 15th shortly so you can book online if you want. There are definitely trains from Pisa to Florence every hour every day so it is a question of the site.