Pisa - Unsafe "Park and Ride" Parking near Leaning Tower


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Do not use "park and ride" parking at Via Pietrasantina in Pisa. Our rental car was broken in and our suitcases and backpack including everything - Laptop, tablet, clothes, shoes, books, etc within 2 hours between 10am and 12 noon yesterday on 6th November 2017. I asked the editor of Discover Tuscany to delete their recommendation fro this website.:mad:


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Risks of Parking


Any theft is a horrible violation of your space and I am so sorry that happened to you - especially while on vacation.

Unfortunately, this type of thing happens all over the world and the only reasonable response is that we need to be more vigilant.

Sooooo - I would like to take this opportunity to remind travellers to extra care when leaving your car in a parking lot that has no custodian. (which are probably 99% of them): keep things covered or in the trunk and when possible just don't leave anything irreplaceable in the car - especially passports, credit cards, and any personal objects like jewelry.

We have just found a place in Florence, which makes it easy to store your valuables (computers, tablets, important docs) instead of leaving them in the car - (in Pisa you could try http://www.depositobagaglipisa.it/)

Buon Viaggio,

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