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Couple of questions:

Trying to determine what time we can get to the leaning tower. We land in Pisa at 5 p.m. Is the airport large? Any idea of how long until we can get to tower. We are renting a car.

I know we need to buy tix in advance for the leaning tower but when I go to purchase it only asks me for day, not a time but it sounds like the time is super important. In the example on the website, it sounds like the only time you can go is 4:30 which obviously doesn't work. do you get the time after the tix are purchased? Appreciate your thoughts.


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Booking your tickets for the Leaning Tower


If you are getting into Pisa at 5 pm it is highly unlikely that you will make it to the tower in time, the last ticket is for 5:30 pm (unless you are coming in the warmer months like April to Sept when the tower is open later.)

You could try checking out the tower on the day you leave if your flight is out of the Pisa airport.

Though the airport is fairly close, you still need time to park the car and pick-up your tickets, so you need to give yourself at least an hour and a half from when you touch down (calculating that your luggage arrives with you and the car shuttle is fast). Even if you are going into the city center by bus or train you will still need time to walk over to the tower - and remember your luggage can't go up to the top with you!

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Thanks DonnaDenise.

We are going in June so presumably we will be able to go at 7 p.m. or later.

Do you know if I need tix that have a time on them or if I can buy a ticket for that day and go anytime I want? When I went to the site to buy tix it looked like the only time to go is 4:30 p.m. I'm nervous about buying tix I can't use.

We are flying out of Pisa the following week at 6 a.m. so this is really our only opportunity.