Pitti Palace denied entry before closing time


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I had purchased the Combined ticket for Uffizi, Pitti Palace and Boboli gardens (Intero Cumulativo 3 giorni) valid for 3 consecutive days for all the museums, from the official website, tickets serviced by b-ticket bassilichi.it, This was just last week.

I had only 2 full days in Florence so I visited Uffizi on the first day, retained the ticket, and came back to visit Pitti Palace on the second day in the evening, reached exactly 2 min past 6 pm.

As per the rules of service (http://www.b-ticket.com/B-Ticket/uffizi/default.aspx) the timings mentioned are till 6:50 pm but I was refused entry at 6:02 pm. I understand its a big palace and takes time to visit but 50 min was a good enough compromise for me. In any case if you are going to disallow someone that should be clearly mentioned in the timetable. The staff was also not considerate and did not entertain us.

I have contacted help@bassilichi.it but have not received any explanation or recourse for this.

This one incident left me gravely disappointed and left a bad taste for Florence in my mind.I wanted to narrate my experience so that people be warned, so they don't have to go through the same.
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I am really sorry this happened to you, especially since you already had a ticket in hand!

The policy is that they don't allow more people to enter once the ticket office closes, and it is usually an hour before they close.
I had always thought it was since the ticket office closes, no more tickets are sold and thus no more people enter past that time.
I didn't realize that even with the ticket already in hand - a cumulative ticket at that - they wouldn't let you in :/.

I will make sure to make this clear on all of our articles so that everyone realizes that once the ticket offices close (which we do specify), people are not allowed to go in anymore.