Place for 10 in Tuscany walking distance to town - no car


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I am looking to rent a place in Tuscany for 3 nights 4 days for 11 people (5 kids range in age form 8-17)- that overlooks the beautiful countryside, but that is also in walking distance to a town for good restaurants. We really don't want to cook as we will be taking day trips on 3 of the days and relaxing one of the days. I initially had desired to stay at the Verrazzano agritourism however, as I look more into it, I realize that is not in walking distance to anywhere.

We will also be hiring a driver to tour us around the region. Any suggestions on that are welcome as well!

Thank you!


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You are absolutely correct in that Verrazzano is not within walking distance into a town or to restaurants. You'd need a car to move around and head to town for dinner and back.

Consider places that have their own restaurant too, sometimes only for guests or open to the public.
An example:
Agriturismo Montalbino
Casolare di Libbiano
Il Cellese
Romitorio di Serelle

As far as In addition to Viticcio winery/farm estate, I'd also recommend Villa Le Torri which is walking distance into San Quirico in Collina, where you'll basic services and a restaurant/pizzeria (Buzzanca)
and right outside of San Gimignano, Torre Palagetto and Palagetto di Sotto, both walking distance into SG.