Place to visit in Tuscany for 3 days (with no agenda)


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Hi , My husband and I have booked flight to Pisa with intention of visiting Tuscany (Florence in particular) for our 1st Wedding anniversary in the 2nd week of October. Could you please suggest places we can explore , walk we can take, romantic places etc in Tuscany in 3 days. We do not plan to rent a car there. So will be taking public transport or walk. We plan to book our accommodation based on the places we will be visiting.
Also, could you suggest where we can do grape stopping during 13-15th Oct in Tuscany.
Your suggestion will be highly valued.

Thank You


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3 romantic days in Tuscany

Hi Richa and welcome to our Forum!

A romantic trip to Tuscany seems really a perfect way to celebrate your first Wedding anniversary!

For a short stay, I would suggest you to make a classic itineray, such as Florence - San Gimignano - Siena. Arriving in Pisa, it is worth to visit the Square of Miracle and the Leaning Tower (climb to the top of the Tower is an amazing experience!).

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Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Re: 3 romantic days in Tuscany

Hi Cristina, Thank you so much for your input. Its been helpful for me to plan my travel.
Can you also suggest if there is a place in Tuscany where we can experience grape stomping ?

Thank you :)