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Didn't know how to put this in the eating/drinking section, so I'll just post it here. :) Thanks to Lourdes' recommendation, my husband & I are staying at Casa dei Tintori in Florence, and I can't wait to get there in June! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for favorite authentic places to eat in Florence? Looking for places that won't just be a "tourist trap" and where everyone goes. Thanks!


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Well there are a LOT of restaurants in Florence and most of them will have lots of people, especially the good ones ;)

The restaurant scene keeps changing but there are some that remain popular because they are good, so you'll want to try a mix.... the ones that are good and know it never ever HAVE SOMEONE OUTSIDE their restaurant trying to get tourists to go in. You pass by one of those in Italy, then keep on walking.

Some that I'm wanting to try since I've heard good recommendations on them:
- La Cucina di Garga
- I Latini
- L'Osteria di Giovanni

Some I've tried and would go back to again:
- Aroma
- Touch Florence
- Osteria Antica Mescita San Niccolo'

There is a mix here of rustic Tuscan cuisine to more modern versions... search for them on the internet to read reviews.