places to see in florence with entrance fees


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I am planning 3 day trip to Pisa (15th Aug) and Florence (16th and 17th Aug), I would like to know important tourist places to see in Florence along with their entrance fees. If you can provide me with online reservation web site it would be really great.

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Ciao Suresh,

Remember that August 15 is a national holiday. In Pisa, the main monuments around the Leaning Tower should be open - and in Florence, most of the major museums are open.

You can see all the places we recommend - in particular for a day in Pisa and 2 days in Florence here:

If you follow the links to the places you're interested in, you can see times and hours at the top.

If you want to visit the Uffizi or Accademia Gallery, I would recommend you do book ahead and just pick up the vouchers. You can order them through our partner site You can buy all museums through that site, both in Florence, as well as as the tower in Pisa.