Planning a trip to Cinque Terre: car or train?


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As I am planning my upcoming trip to Tuscany, I realized that many are considering trip to Cinque Terre as part of their trip plan to the area.
I would appreciate receiving your advise on a day tour to Cinque Terre.
Is it recommended to get there by car? ( We will stay close to Siena )?
How about train? Once arrived, is it possible to move from one place to another without a car? What is the hiking trail? Is it something hard and how long does it take?
As written, I need some information to plan the trip.


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Cinque Terre in one day

Dear Nir,

Cinque Terre is certainly a beautiful destination, but you have to consider that is not so close as you think. Of course nothing is impossible, so you can organize a day trip to Cinque Terre but I'd like you consider that:
- the best way to go to Cinque Terre is by train, since driving is quite difficult and is a longer way.
- train from Florence to Cinque Terre takes 2 hours and half and you have to consider the trip from your accommodation to Florence (about 1 hour?)

So if you want to visit Cinque Terre in a day you'll have to consider waking up really early and coming back home really late, since you'll have at least 5 hours journey. It can be really tiring and maybe not funny. I would suggest you spend there a night to really enjoy the place.

Anyway, I recommend you read these threads where you have information about moving around in Cinque Terre and information for a
day trip from Florence. I also suggest you read our weekend in Cinque Terre experience.

I hope this helps you planning your Italian holidays! :)


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Dear Nir,

You're welcome! Don't hesitate to ask any other question and I hope you'll share your experience with us. :)