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we are planning a 3 day stay in tuscany. our focus will be wine and want to spend time in Chianti, Montepulciano and Montecino. should we stay in Florence for all three days and commute each day, or relocate to some place closer to the Montepulciano and Montecino areas on those days?


The real questions are ....

How far are you prepared to drive each day if travelling from Florence

- and -

Do you want to even drive especially considering the intention to 'concentrate on wine'? :D

From Florence, I'd estimate that both Montalcino (I presume you meant this as I don't know the other) and Montepulciano are both about 2hrs drive. Here's a suggestion....

Spend a day in Florence and then travel to Montepulciano or Montalcino and stay overnight near one of them and then do the other one the next day and then back to Florence.


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Wine in Tuscany


If you like the idea of making a city your base, then Siena is an excellent solution. It is small enough to be comfortable and relaxing (especially in the evening when tourists start to go home) yet loaded with lots of things to entertain and visit when you aren't out wine tasting. Speaking of wine tasting ... I love this place, it is within walking distance of the city and it has accommodations:

From here you can easily plan a day trip to each of your locations - and not have to worry about too much time driving around.

Check out this article about day trips from Siena, it may give you a few ideas:

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