Planning Italy in August


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My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy for our 25th Anniversary in August. Our plan is to visit from August 10 - August 19 (anniversary is the 16th). However I have read in several places that is probably the worst time to visit because of Italian holiday. The heat doesn't bother us (we live in southern US and it is HOT in summer), but we definitely don't want to miss out on experiences. While we would like to visit some of the major tourist attractions, we are also equally or more interested in experiencing the culture and food in small towns and countryside. Can anyone offer up any advice?

Thank you!
I love August in Tuscany!

We are Americans living in the Val d'Orcia area of Tuscany--and we can remember (and still hear it repeated)so many travelers from the USA saying, "never go to Italy in August, everything is closed--the whole country goes on vacation in August." And as a result, it does indeed seem that most of the tourists we see around in August are not from North America.

Our area is PERFECT for August--everything is open--all the stores, all the restaurants--the days are long, you can dine outside every evening--and so often, the last half of August isn't all that hot. (But with climate change going on it is never possible to made predictions.)

I urge my friends now to come and visit us in August for all the reasons above. You won't regret coming that time of year.



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Whilst some parts of Italy close down in August especially in the North - Milan and Turin - as well as Rome to a certain extent, Tuscany is still very much open as tourism is so important. If you want to do business that is another issue but not apparently in your case.

To help with suggestions it would help to know where you are staying and your price point if you wish to share this.

However, since your anniversary is on August 16 do consider attending the Palio at Siena - it is a truly magical experience. Avoid the internal area of the square as it is just crazy and to get a decent viewpoint you have to be there hours in advance under the hot sun. It is possible to get seats around the track - if possible select a location opposite the Town Hall as it is higher up (the square slopes down towards it) so offering a better view.