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We have already booked airline tickets arriving into Florence and departing from Rome.
The first 5 days will be in Florence, doing research on things to see and do their. We have 6 days until we get to Rome. Our first thought was Siena;however, after reading so many posts on other forums, it seems that would be to long. We are in our late 60’s, and prefer not to rent a car. Actually, wall the parking issues have scared us. If we did rent, should we take a train from Florence to Siena, rent a car there?? Or just explore for a few days without car. The. Rent and move further towards Rome.


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Siena in Tuscany


Siena is not as central as Florence - but I wouldn't use that a an excuse to skip over it as an option for your stay. :cool:

It is actually pretty easy to navigate getting there without a car, you can check out this link for more details:

And once you are there, you will find that it is very walk-able (even if there are a few hills within the city walls :D - but if you have a few days to explore the city you can take the hills nice and easy)

Siena is well situated for day trips all over Tuscany! You can read through this list of place that you can visit using public transport:

You can even have a great wine experience near by (either a taxi or walking over if you want too) - have a read through this article:

Enjoy Your Time!

Buon Viaggio,

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You can definitely use Siena as a good base for further exploring Tuscany and 6 days would not be excessive.

The question really is this: you do not want to DRIVE whatsoever or you would drive but the PARKING issues make you afraid to drive?

I ask because they are two separate issues.

You can stay in Florence and Siena and NOT have a car, using public transportation to get around. This makes sense if you DON'T want to drive at all.

If you do feel secure about driving here, but just don't want to worry about the ZTL areas in the historical centers of the larger cities, then my suggestion is simply to not stay directly in Siena and to stay in the countryside nearby.

If you want to see southern Tuscany before heading down to Rome - the Val d'Orcia primarily - then a CAR is definitely very practical. There are buses but the schedules are not great. You would have to rely on group tours/private tours to better see that area rather than public transportation. So it can be done, but with some limitations on where you'll go, considering you'll have to adapt to what you find available.

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Advice for trip to Tuscany 2019 April

Hi. I am brand new to this forum and need some help planning my 25th Ananversay. My wife wants to visit Tuscany area. I know nothing of Italy. We do not speak the Language. From Detroit or Toronto is where I will probably fly from but is there any better place with cheaper flights.

Also any itinerary info / advice would be very helpful. We may take our 2 kids 17/21 years of , boy and girl with us.

Also any accommodations and probably public or taxi transport is what we will do. I don’t want to get into troubled areas and too expensive areas for hotels and such. Trying to keep it in a budget.
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Ciao Sean,

Sorry to see your post got lost at the bottom of this thread and you hadn't received a reply.

How is the planning going? Rather than answer in detail, let me know what stage you are in planning so that I can provide more specific answers!

How many days will you have total? You can definitely visit on a budget, but as far as flights, that is where it takes some looking into to find the best rates -- usually flying into Rome or Milan is cheaper than flying into Pisa or Florence, but it really depends on where you start and the period.

Hope to hear back from you soon!