Please Help ! From Pisa Airport to Fornaci Di Barga?


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Please, please help ! I am wanting to book a flight with Ryanair to visit my Uncle in Fornaci Di Barga, but the only flight times I can book means I arrive at Pisa Airport at 8.30pm / 9pm .
Are there trains after this time ?
Is there a train that goes straight from Pisa Airport to Fornaci Di Barga or do I need to change trains at Lucca or Pisa ? Soo confused and I can't get - to work :( !

Please Help !

Thanks, Debbie. :rolleyes:


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Ciao Debbie,

Trenitalia can be difficult to navigate, even in Italian. The easiest way to use the site is to right away click the English flag at the top right of the screen, as it takes away search options that are unnecessary for us to do searches... and thus makes it easier to use. Another particularity is that you need to enter the name of the station exactly as they have it on their databases, which means in Italian - if you type slowly, at least a list of suggestions pops up so you can see your options - you those!!

In any case, I see the last connection is right at 8:30pm - a bus from the Pisa Airport to Pisa Centrale and then a train to Lucca, with change at 9:48 for train that arrives in Fornaci di Barga at 10:22pm.

Now buses do run between Pisa Airport and Pisa Centrale up until midnight. And there are trains from Pisa Centrale to Lucca later on - the last one is at 9:50pm. The problem is that last connection between Lucca and Fornaci di Barga, where the last train for the night is that one at 9:48pm from Lucca.
There are no buses either after about 8pm.

Do you think your uncle could pick you up in Lucca? Otherwise I think you could spend the night there and continue on the next day.


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Thanks Lourdes !

That's is great to know, so I may be better trying to get a taxi from Pisa Airport to Centrale, as my flight would get in at 8.35pm? To make sure I make it in time for the train for Lucca to get to Fornaci Di Barga.

Are the trains from Pisa Centrale to Lucca regular ?

I can't wait to book my flights and come over :) It will be my first time.

Thanks :eek:
Debbie x


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mmmm..... the train from Pisa Centrale is at 8.50pm

Pisa Centrale 20:50
Lucca 21:17

Lucca 21:48
Bagni di Lucca 22:12

not really sure even a taxi might get you there that fast but I guess you can try! you can buy your ticket online to have it already in hand.... but what if the plane arrives late, just by 5 min?