Please help us avoid fines driving roundtrip from Florence to Buonconvento


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Two women = mother\young daughter - we just arrived in Florence and boarded a bus from train station to get to our hotel in Oltrano. Upon boarding we asked the bus driver about how to purchase ticket for bus and he waved us on and told us we could arrange for ticket on bus. We ended up getting physically harassed by a bus inspector and fined 50 euro a piece for innocent misunderstanding. We are renting a car tomorrow and planning to drive to Buonconvento\Siena. Have heard horror stories of tourists being fined for driving in and around Florence in areas that are not marked or so easy to avoid.

Any help with safest\best driving route to avoid fines driving from address below in Florence to Buonconvento and back by car greatly appreciated:


TO: Buonconvento, Tuscany

Many thanks!


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Oh no! That sounds like a horrible experience. I wish I could offer words of comfort but when my electronic pass also had problems I was also fined for not having a ticket when I did. Now I go with paper tickets bought before getting on. Tickets on board have to be bought right away, don't walk in until the driver gives you one and you can stamp it.

As far as the ZTL area tomorrow given it's a Sunday, you don't have to worry about it... But there are lots of one way streets so ask at the car rental for a map or directions on best streets to take to get out of center and to get back to them. You're paying for the rental so part of the service should be to get that info.... request it before leaving since they might not voluntarily give it without you asking.
Have a great day in siena and Buonconvento. .. In siena make sure to park outside of the center walls so you don't risk the ztl area there (active on Sundays there).