Poggio Amorelli??


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We visited Castellina in Chianti this past November & absolutely LOVED it! We had the best time! We did a winery tour of Poggio Amorelli & brought back some of their wine & their honey which is THE BEST! I've tried contacting them via email with no response & now their website is no longer working. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with them? We want to order some more of their wonderful Chianti! Thanks!
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It sounds like they make great wine and honey - will have to look them up myself when we're in the area ;)

I think you just got unlucky as far as timing, because they forgot to renew their domain on time! I checked and it expired yesterday so it obviously has gone offline... but they have time to renew it and am sure it will be back online soon. Check next week, am sure they should be back online if they renew the domain soon.

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Ciao Mk!
yes, as Lourdes already posted they have just renewed the website, it will be online soon again.
In the meantime you can write ELENA at the farmhouse, she follows the shipping and the wine orders. You can always contact her at:

have a nice weekend!