Porto Santo Stefano to Florence


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I'm meeting 3 friends in Porto Santo Stefano for a week in May. We already have a vacation rental and rental car booked so that will be our base. Is it possible to do Florence as a day trip? Its the first time to Florence for all of us, but we are fine with not being able to see it all. Also, we would like to go to Pisa - would it make sense to try and work that in the same day as Florence rather than doing it as a separate day trip? I'm hoping to spend more time enjoying Italy than in a car getting there.

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions.


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Ciao there!

The drive up from Porto Santo Stefano to Florence is around 2.5 hours so not that long.... you can definitely make a day trip out of it. But since Florence has so much to offer, I wouldn't try to do Pisa on the same day, that would definitely be trying to do it all. Since you've never been, I think you should all try to make it. Space out the days, so that you insert Florence on one day, spend more days in the area, then do the day trip to Pisa followed by more days in the area. It will still take a little over 2 hours to get up to Pisa and back, but it is straight up along the coast and you'll get to see other scenery and landscapes.
Porto Santo Stefano and the Maremma area are gorgeous, so I am sure you will find lots to do - including a visit to the Maremma natural reserve which has a gorgeous sandy beach ;-)