Private car to Siena from Assisi? And transport from Siena to Cinque Terre


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We are a group of 4 adults- my husband, pRents and I-from Australia on 2 weeks vacation in Italy in October. After 4 days in Rome we will go to Assisi for at least 2 nights and then we want to go to Siena for 4-5 nights. From Siena we will go to Cinque Terre and then back to Rome. The only booking I have so far is the flights so Im flexible on this schedule. We will not be driving but going by train or bus. This is where I have difficulty because I don't speak Italian and some sights are not in English. I read on this fabulous forum about a direct bus from Assisi to Siena but to get information one had to put in the round trip. Is there a private car or taxi service which would take us from Assisi to Siena and what would be the likely cost? When in Siena are there enough tours to take us to the sights and in particular the country side? And if travelling by public transport is it best to stay in Siena city rather than the countryside? Is it best to go by bus or train from Siena to Cinque Terre? My parents are elderly but very fit for their age but I need to be mindful not to tire then out- that's why Im looking for most comfortable/ best solutions for transport between towns not necessarily the cheapest solutions. I hope my inquiry is not too lengthy. I appreciate any assistance-


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your itinerary can be accomplished with public transportation!

From ASSISI - you can definitely do bus! - this site is awful to search on!
First, just change the date and wait for the second window to open up
THEN you can change the departure city to SIENA
and destination first to UMBRIA as region, and to S. Maria degli Angeli (that's the name, why they can't use ASSISI is beyond me) - make sure to click on "andata e ritorno" to get times from Assisi to Siena.

From Assisi, the bus (baltour/euroline/sena) leaves at 10.20 am and arrives in Siena at 12pm in Piazza Stazione.
YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE. Just ask once you're in Assisi where you can buy tickets, your hotel should be able to tell you!

As for Cinque Terre, you can take the train but you would need to change trains twice! So I am thinking a tour that takes you there by bus might be better... I think you can take luggage along and just not go back to Siena at the end of the day ;-)
Here's other tours you can do from Siena: (the tour to Cinque Terre is on the second page)
otherwise you might email the same bus line and ask about trips from Siena to either Genova or Sarzana ( - the site lists them but offers no schedules, from both of these you might catch the train into the Cinque Terre (Sarzana would be closer).

Since you won't have your own transportation, your only option is to stay in SIENA - the bus schedules for out of the city are not great at all. Siena is small so I don't think you'll be sorry - I personally really like it, especially at the end of the day when most tourists have gone it can almost feel deserted.
Take a look here: