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Debating between 2 lodging options: one on via G. La Farina next to Don Fete restaurant or one on via Catalani (intersects with Viale Francesco Redi), both appearing to be a few blocks outside the restricted ZTL. We will have a rental car and both 'apartments' have parking garages, which is why we are selecting outside the central historical area. We are seniors and while we walk, long distances can be a challenge. Thus am looking for a location with good access to bus lines that will get us to the various main sights as well as over to the Pitti Palace and Michelangelo Piazza. The bus routing maps are confusing! Any advice or insight on the better location for us? Recommended bus lines? Thanks.
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Catching the Bus

Buongiorno -

Looking at the map for the first location, it appears as if there are two main bus stops you can look at. One is about 100 meters from the apt and the other about 6-700 meters. The second has several connections which will take you into the city center and the first is a bus that will connect you with Piazale Michelangelo.

The other address appears to have a bus stop right outside the front door which will take you to the city center.

However, if I were going to choose between the two, I would definitely look more at the first option. It is more of a residential area close to cafès, restaurants and I am thinking a little bit more quiet than the second option.

Read our article about using the buses - it is very important that you are armed with a ticket and that you either use the timestamp or if it is a "carnet" good for up to 10 trips, that you tap it on the electrical time stamp.

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I vote for the first option, right by Don Fefe - it's a delicious pizzeria and I am sure you'll be eating there more than once ;-).

As Donna said, it is in a residential area and quieter, but also the #13 bus passes nearby and you can take that any time you want to take you to the Arno, from which you can then walk to the Uffizi/Santa Croce/Ponte Vecchio - or stay on and go all the way up to the Piazzale Michelangelo.