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I will going to Florence (first time in Italy) with my family's in November. Do you know the ATAF still selling 3 or 7 days pass? It was because the ATAF only showing single fare. Also, if my son's was 6 years old, do he need to buy bus ticket too. Thank you very much. I am very appreciated.

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ATAF Buses


I suggest that you read this article for a brief overview of the bus system in Florence, it will have some helpful pointers.

This link below shows the prices for the tickets (Biglietto):

There is a bit of a contradiction, the title says 70-minute tickets - but they are actually 90-minute tickets.

In the past, I have used a carnet - which is ten 90-minute rides on one card. Word of caution, it is only good for one person, you can not get one and use it for the entire family. Each memeber of the family must have their own carnet. When you get on the bus, at the front door there is a small green box, just brush the carnet up against it and it will automatically register your use of a ticket. If you were to brush it up again, you will see how much time is remaining on the card.

However, the last time I tried to purchase a carnet I was told they weren't using them anymore because there is a new card called the Unica Toscana(which I understand works a lot like the card above), here is a link to more info about this card which offers multiple rides:

I haven't purchased this new card yet - so I can't give you any first-hand experience.

Children under 10, accompanied by an adult travel for free.

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I have to contradict what Donna said about children under 10 traveling for free on ATAF buses: NOT THE CASE!!

Any child that is taller than 100cm (1 meter) has to pay a normal fare ticket! So if he's a tall boy, he'll need to pay (my daughter has been paying since she was 4 years old since she's tall).

I can confirm there are no longer 3 or 7 day passes, nor 1 day passes :(

I think the best option will be to just buy single use tickets and use them as needed per person.


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Ataf website

Ciao -

just a quick note, after talking with Lourdes we can confirm that there are considerable differences between the English and Italian website!

Please always refer to the Italian website for (more) accurate info.

Donna Denise