Public Transportation from Montecatini to Firenze Airport (FLR)


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Two of us will need to get from Montecatini to FLR Airport on a Sunday in June. It appears that the two options are:

1. train from Montecatini to Firenze SMN, then taxi or bus from there to airport.
2. "Blu Bus R003" from Montecatini direct to the airport.

On the surface, it looks like the bus would be a better option and the timing is favorable. But I have a couple of questions. Is there likely to be space on the bus for two passengers and luggage (two large cases plus carry-ons)? Does this bus really stop at the FLR airport passenger terminal? Alternatively, would we be better advised to use the train option from Montecatini to SMN then taxi to airport?

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Getting to the airport


In looking at the maps it looks as if both are viable options.

Buses will have room for your luggage - the have space underneath the bus. The bus stops infront of the airport but you still have to walk across the street and to the terminal.

Since Florence is a very small airport this is really not that far...however, if you have lots of luggage you may appreciate not having to cross the street and walk at all so you might like the option of a train then a taxi.

This is you more costly approach - you could substitute the taxi for the shuttle between the train station and the airport - the shuttle will leave you right in front of the terminal doors...but again it really depends on how much you feel like lugging the suitcase around.

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I confirm what Donna has written, the bus from Montecatini doesn't go into the airport but leave you alongside the road across from the airport, a road that is heavily trafficked and not easy to cross. You simply have to walk a bit around to find the pedestrian crossings, which are further down. With suitcases (depending how many, how heavy), I would either suggest the train + shuttle or taxi from SMN or even a private transfer from Montecatini. Depends on your time and budget.