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Lourdes, Thank you for the great advice....we will be renting a car for our stay in Chianti....
I have a new question about train travel.....we will be going from Milan/Rome(5 days)...Rome/Florence(4 days)...Florence/Milan(5 days) all by train and while in Milan as a base at the end of trip we will be taking two day trips one to Venice and one to Lake Como...is it better to purchase train passes/tickets each day of travel or buy tickets ahead of time and where should tickets be purchased for all train travel...
*******Thank you your help it is very much appreciated*****
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Ciao merchkevp!

Since you will be using the train for specific trips and not everyday, it will be better to buy tickets for each part of the journey rather than a pass.
But you do need to go to the train website here:
www.trenitalia.com and search for each leg and see rates to better evaluate what is the best deal.
for passes: http://www.trenitalia.com/cms/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=f703bd6bc1abf310VgnVCM1000008916f90aRCRD
for individual tickets, just search from the home page (make sure to click on the English flag at the top right of the page to search in English).

Trenitalia does do some specials, for families or for certain days of the week, that are for national travel (the routes you are taking all cross regions so that are considered national). If you see those special rates on the site, then it is better to buy ahead and you can do that online.

Italo treno also offers service between the large cities, often using different arrival/departure train stations within the same city than Trenitalia uses. So make sure to check rates and maps to see whether one or the other is more convenient.

If you don't see any special fares, then you can also just wait and buy them here, either directly at the train station (either at the ticket office or through the self-service kiosks) or at any travel agency you see sells train tickets (usually will have a trenitalia sticker on their windows).

Have you're enjoying your trip planning! :)