Question About the Parcheggio Oltrarno Calza (Parking Lot) - Access


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We are going to be in Tuscany in June of this year, renting a house and doing lots of day trips. For the days in Florence, I want to park in the Parcheggio Oltrarno Calza on the south side of the river. It looks like it is open to the public, but is still inside the walled area of the ZTL. My questions:

1. How do you access the Parcheggio Oltrarno Calza parking area without driving into the ZTL and receiving a fine?
2. Does this lot usually fill up early...or should I just plan on parking somewhere else.




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Sorry I missed this question in time to be of help to you but if others are interested - while the parking is right inside the wall, accessing it does not make you pass under the electronic gates into the ZTL - so you can calmly follow signs for the "P" for parking right at Porta Romana and get to the parking area. It is open/outdoors, you have to pay at the machines and leave ticket on dashboard.
Since it isn't very central, there are often spots... and if you don't find any there, keep driving to get out without passing into the ZTL... and make another pass but on the other side of the wall, along Viale Petrarca, there are lots of parking spaces there too!