Quick get away, in two days for a week. Traveling solo. Interest Photography


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Just found out, I have the opportunity to get away for this Sun 6th. or Mon 7 th June, THIS WEEKEND but I still have to book flight, accommodation etc...hence I found this form for help!!
I will be traveling alone, so do get a little apprehensive!
My interest is Photography, But do not want all city,,,would like to relax with some beautiful views and move into a city for a day or so.
I would have to use public transport.
Any ideas please where to go for some good photo shoots. Yet relax at the same time..
I like old style, quaint...


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Theresa,

I don't think you'll find any trouble with taking such a last minute vacation using public transport and making it be a relaxing vacation as well. Would you fly into Pisa?

I suggest at least 2 days in Florence, half a day or full day in Pisa and then spend time in smaller towns, not in the countryside so that you can easily move around on public transport. A day in Siena, a day in San Gimignano perhaps? You say a week, you mean 5 days or 7 days? You can catch a bus and see Chianti wine region as well on another day, read this article on moving around Chianti for useful details.

As far as accommodation, I suggest either a b&b or hotel or residence. You can search on here for hotels or on Tuscany Accommodation for further suggestions.
If you feel comfortable with going day by day, you can email lodgings and ask for last minute availability once you arrive as well.

Hope these ideas are useful and that your last minute planning is going well! The weather in Tuscany is beautiful at the moment so it is a good time to visit :)