Quickest way to get from Lucca to Venice


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I'm spending 2 weeks studying Italian in Lucca and want to visit Venice for a weekend-I'm not sure if I should take bus or train to Florence and then fast train from there, or travel through Pisa. I want something that is easy, cost effective and fast:). Any ideas much appreciated. Also, I know this is a Tuscany forum but if anyone has suggestions for accommodation in Venice for less than 100 euro, also much appreciated. Cheers.


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Quickest way to get from Lucca to Venice is through Florence

Hello there! The quickest way is to take the train and even that seems to be about a 4 hour trip on average one way. Take a look at www.trenitalia.com and search for schedules from "Lucca" to "Venezia" and all suggested itineraries take you to Florence where you change trains. Some take a little longer, some less.... the various combinations also offer slight variations in total cost.

As for hotels in Venice, you can still use our hotel bookings box to search for options in Venice and look up based on your dates! :D