reasonable priced Transport to Montecatini

Hello all, and good morning from Wales.
My wife and i will be visiting Montecatini on 24th of this month, we're landing at Pisa at around 9.30 am, I've taken a quick look at car/bus transfers to our hotel but feel £100 is a little expensive, also I've checked train times.
We arrive on a Sunday i assume the trains are limited in frequency to a weekday ?
I see there is a train leaving at 12.30 with one change at Lucca,would i need to buy my tickets on line, or will there be a ticket office open on a Sunday ?
Also is there a bus/train to get us from the airport to the rail station ?

Thank you Alf


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Train to Pisa


If for some reason the ticket office isn’t open they do have self explanatory ticket dispensers at the Pisa Central. In any case, the hours for the Pisa central train station is from 6am to 8:30 pm. However, in my experience there is a train ticket office at the Pisa airport. See this link for more info:

I checked the time schedule and it looks like you are spot on about the one train (change in Luca)

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I think the alternative is to lok for trains to Florence and then backtrack from Florence to Montecatini, you might find more options that way for Sundays.