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Thank you for this informative forum. I'm new, so please excuse any mis-steps. My sister and I are flying into Florence (Peretola) next year and had planned to rent a car for our exploration of Tuscany. We are hoping to stay at Rovezzano B&B in Florence 2 days and then venture out into the countryside. My question is should we go ahead and rent a car at Peretola and park it at our hotel while we explore Florence by bus or should we save 2 days' rental fee and rent somewhere in town just before we leave to explore Tuscany? I'm afraid of those restricted zones. Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


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If you feel comfortable using a bus, I see there is one pretty close to the B&B - however, do keep in mind that if you expect to be out late one of those evenings you will probably want to take a taxi home because the buses are not as frequent after about 8pm. - It doesn't mean they don't run...but just not as often.

It seems like a lot of extra money for the hassle of driving 10 mins to the city center and finding (and paying for) parking. Personally I would opt for getting the car after when you are ready to move outside of the city.

I suggest you also ask the B&B owner what the public transport situation is like closer to them, they will be able to tell you how frequent and if there are any night buses.

The area where the B&B is highly residential so they may actually have a good hook up for commuters to work in the city center.:cool:

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