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Good evening forum, my wife and I are visiting Tuscany for the first time in July starting with 4 nights in Florence before hiring a car and moving to Chianti. Could you advise the best place to pick-up the car in order to avoid the centre of Florence pls. Thanks in anticipation.


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In this article we talk about where you can pick up a rental car (towards the end of the article)

Keep in mind that a car pick up at the airport, no longer means AT THE AIRPORT. The pick-up site is just a short distance away (and not in the ZTL zone) so you could take a taxi there and pick up the car. It would leave you close to the entrance to the Autostrada - which has you avoid skirting around Florence - and you can get off at either Impruneta which will take you over to Siena or Firenze Sud which will take you into Chianti in less than 10 km.

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