Rental Car Questions for Tuscany (pick-up and drop-off in different spots)


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My husband and I are doing a tour of Italy mostly by train, but for our three days in the Tuscany region we would like to rent a car; however, I am not sure how to go about it so that it works with our itinerary.

We are in Florence for three nights and from there are spending 3 nights in one of the Tuscan towns such as Montalcino or Pienza, haven't decided yet. Once we are finished in Tuscany we are heading to Sorrento by train.

My questions are where is the best place to rent a car on the way out of Florence that is easily accessible by train. Would it for example be a good idea to take the train to Siena and rent a car there?

Second, where would the best place be to drop off the car on our fourth day so that we can head to Sorrento by train.
If we are in one of the smaller cities of Tuscany what would the best option be for us to get to Sorrento by train?

Also, how likely is it for us to rent an automatic car?

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There are several places you can rent a car in Florence that have easy access to the major highways so you don't need to worry about the infamous ZTL traffic areas in the city. My suggest would be to pick a car up near the airport, which has easy access to buses ... and a tram! (yeah!! we are excited about this new transport).

You might enjoy reading through this article for a few ideas of an itinerary once you pick up the car, this article concentrates on Impruneta and then gives you an idea of a few other towns in Chianti to visit.

You will probably want to bring the car back to Florence, not because you can't drop it off at other places but because Florence is the national train hub. This means that the fastest and most direct route to Sorrento will start in Florence.

The possibility of getting an automatic is always unsure. Car rental places will allow you to request an automatic, but during the busiest seasons (especially summer), they can't always guarantee the availability of an automatic car. I suggest you speak directly with the car rental agency to see what options they have to assuring you an automatic.

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