Renting a car and driving to Tuscany for a week, has anyone done this?


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I have two family members that are terrified to fly, but I really want them to be at my wedding in October.
They seem quite happy to drive to Tuscany though. Has anyone ever rented a car and driven to Tucany (Lucca)?
They will be starting off in Manchester, 4 of them in total.



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Manchestor to Lucca by car can be done!

Ciao Gemma - I am sure it can be done!! I've read on other forums that the route through France and then through Geneva and through the Mont Blanc tunnel is quite spectacular. That people actually take a few days to do it to enjoy the landscapes they're passing through rather than take it all as one long trip (Google maps it at about 19-20 hours). Since our forum is so specialized on Tuscany, you might not find very many people on here that have done this route or driven to Tuscany so don't get discouraged if you don't get more replies..... I think if you post on Fodor's or TripAdvisor you might get more recommendations of other routes to take as well and how many days to spread the trip out to better enjoy it!! :D