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Hello everyone,

In looking for car rentals, there seem to be very high fees for picking up and dropping off a car at the airport. Can anyone advise where else we could pick-up and drop our car to avoid these fees along with possible modes of transport after that?

We will be picking the car up and dropping it off in Florence. At pickup time, we will have been staying in the Duomo area but we have bags ready to go to get the car and head for the Chianti region. At drop off, we will check in to our airport area hotel before flying out early the next day.

Since we are headed to Greve from Florence and will return back to Florence from Panzano, I am open to getting the car in one of those areas if there is a bus or train that could get us to/from.

Once we are at our airport hotel, if we wanted to go back to "downtown" Florence, what is the best way?


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Ciao Lindsay, did your car rental company offer the chance to use the following locations?


They are both central locations in Florence, close to Florence's railway station or BUS station.

Usually the do not apply the same fees as the airport office does.

As far as the transportation from Florence airport to downtown Florence:
There is a very easy and cheap way to commute from Florence Airport (FIRENZE PERETOLA) and Florence downtown. The local public bus transportation company (ATAF) offers regular shuttle connections from Florence airport to Florence central railway station (FIRENZE SANTA MARIA NOVELLA).
The shuttle connection is called " VOLA IN BUS" and you can find the complete info at the following LINK

In the PDF file you can find useful details about the bus stop location, schedule, costs and useful phone numbers. You can purchase the tickets directly at the airport upon arrival.

Another timetable is available at this official page updated by the airport: VOLA IN BUS TIMETABLE

The public bus shuttle service is only 6 euros per person (one way). This is really the cheapest way to get into downtown Florence! More info on the following article.

Buona domenica :) Elena


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Ciao Elena and thank you for your response!

Yes, there are several pickup choices for our car and we will be picking up on a Saturday.
Via Borgo Ognissanti 137/R and
Via del Sansovino 53
and the airport.

From my limited understanding, Borgo Ognissanti is in the ZTL but since we won't be driving into the ZTL entrance and only out of it, this is not as issue. Assuming we don't get lost...

Via del Sansovino 53 appears outside of the ZTL.

Do you have a recommendation of which is easier to navigate out of to head for Greve in Chianti? We certainly want to accidentally entering the ZTL. We plan to study the signs but are not fluent in Italian and do not wish to have big tickets back at home.

Is it worth paying the larger cost to pick up at the airport and not risk entering a ZTL?

Grazie for your help, Elena!



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You will all also find this article useful in explaining the locations and worries with the ZTL! Borgo Ognissanti should be a good location.