Renting a car or van for 6 people plus luggage


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In mid-May, my wife and I will be joining two other couples in a villa in Tuscany (about 90 minutes drive from Florence and 30 minutes from Sienna). After seven nights in Tuscany, we'll either return the car in Florence or drive to Rome, return it, and return home from Rome.

So far as I can tell, six adults and our luggage requires a van. (We'd very much prefer to drive together rather than in two cars.)

My present concern is renting a van that can accommodate both us and our luggage: let's assume six suitcases (sized for checking through on a flight from the U.S.) and carry-ons.

Is this realistic? What choice do we have? Searching just now on Expedia, for example, I see a Mercedes Viti (or similar) 9-passenger; Ford Galaxy (or similar) 7 passenger; Fiat Ducato/Seat Alhambra (or similar) 9-passenger; and Peugeot 5008/Seat Alhambra (or similar) 7-passenger.

Obviously, seven seats is one more than we need. But I wonder whether the additional space in a 9-passenger van will be sufficient for the luggage.

And does anyone know what "or similar" is likely to mean, and how often we're likely to get that rather than the named van?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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9 person van


I believe you will feel more comfortable with a 9 seater. There is space in the back for several pieces of luggage and the carry on will serve as arm rests for the couples.

Remember to pack light - because you will surely want to bring home wine, cheese and other goodies!

Temps in May should be pleasant but you will definitely want a coat. Dress in layers because the morning and evening can have a bit of a nip in it but when the sun is out is feels like summer.

Buon Viaggio,

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Finding a driver and van

I have a similar situation with 7 adults in late June, but we may want to hire a driver so that there are no concerns with drinking and driving. Any suggestions on how we could find a driver and mini van??