Renting a Villa in Tuscany - Any Recos?


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Hello Everyone,
My friends and I are renting a Villa in Tuscany this upcoming July.
Does anyone have any property recommendations and best areas to rent a Villa in Tuscany?
We would like to think we can find a Villa that:
- Is big enough to accommodate 10 people (all couples) in 5 rooms or 6
- Has a Pool
- Has a nice view of the surroundings
- Close enough to drive to wineries (we love wine! Well, who doesn't in Italy)
- We are driving so no issues with transportation
- We have heard there are Villas where there is a cook included

I would appreciate any advise. Thank you in advance


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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You won't have a problem with being surrounded with great views or with being near wineries almost anywhere you choose in Tuscany! :D

Here's a few ideas for a few villas to examine, the first 4 are villas you rent as a whole and the others are villas divided into a few apartments but which you can also rent as an entire property. Just gives you the option of having a bit more privacy/have separate kitchens if you want that. Let me know if any seem particularly interesting for what you had in mind, and if you need more suggestions. All are pretty central so make good bases for exploring the region.


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Tuscany accommodations with Chef

Buongiorno -

OMG, can it get any better than coming home to your Tuscany Villa and your chef has dinner ready to go?!

I have done a few on-site reviews for some Tuscany villa rentals - and these are the ones that include the possibility of a dinner with the host or an on-site chef upon request - they all have villas or accommodaions for up to 10 persons:

An extra plus: the first two are also vineyards!

Enjoy and

Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise