Renting car from Rome to Florence vs. train for 5

Our family of 5 will be flying into Rome (FCO) and going straight to Florence. I was thinking that it would be more economical to rent a car rather than using train. In addition, we could stop in Orvieto on our way up. We have driven in Italy before. Does this make sense? We would then like to keep the car for a day or two to drive to CT. We could also hire a car to go to CT if that makes more sense.


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Car vs. Train


I think you are correct on it being more economical to get a car for the trip, even though the train does stop right at Orvieto (but then you have all your luggage to ... lug around...not much fun)

It is an easy drive from the Rome airport to Orvieto - really all you need to do is follow the signs (though I find a GPS is my best buddy when I travel). In Orvieto I suggest you look into the tour in the caves, the ticket office is located right in front of the main church (the cathedral or Duomo). I also really enjoyed the Well of S. Patrizio...if you guys are walkers it is a fun walk down and up again.

You could probably do CT with a train from Florence. CT is one place where a car is not really helpful and the train will get you there easily and quickly.

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