Restaurants & Alimentari in Crete Senesi


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We are planning a trip in Toscana. We will stay in a rented apartment for a week in Crete Senesi near Asciaco.

I would like to know if you can suggest restaurant between Siena and near Asciaco where we could taste Tuscan meal ?

Also, is there any Fine Grocery or Alimentari store where we could fine food, wine & cheese from around ?

Thank you!



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Shopping in Asciano


I am sure once you get there you will find lots of little shops to visit. I can give you the name and address of a "major" supermarket in Italy Coop di Asciano in Via Capogrottoli 5. This supermarket normally has a wide range of goods - and even their own name products are fairly good in quality. THey will also carry specialty items - however you will probably enjoy browsing the small "Mom & Pop" places in Asciano and discovering who has fresh bread - who specializes in wine and of many of the smaller places will also specialize in local cheeses and cold cuts.

Buon Viaggio.