Restricted traffic Florence-wheelchair drop off?


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Good morning! We arrive in Florence Saturday afternoon. We are staying in an apartment in the restricted traffic zone. Our son uses a wheelchair for walks longer than 1 block. Can we get into the zone to unload luggage, wheelchair and kids at the apartment? My husband can go and park in a garage. Thank you for any advice.


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moving with a wheelchair


unless you have a pass, any entry to the ZTL zones will be ticketed. There are cameras that monitor the roads going in and take photos of the tag.

If you are renting a car, you should talk to the rental agency about a handicap pass (but you may have need to do that a bit earlier than today :-( ) The permissin for invalid parking and access is granted through the Telepass (which is a box that goes in the car and pays automatically the autostrada toll charges, and it can be processed to open the gates for ZTL roads. Some car rental agencies will offer Telepass as an extra feature.)

You should also talk to the property owner to see if they can assist you - they may have the ability to take you car off of the list for a drop off.

You can also try to stop by the police office to get a pass to go in and out of the city. I used to stop here:!3d43.7638132!4d11.2836014?hl=en&authuser=0

and explain my reason for entering and they would give me a limited day pass to pick up guests and deliver goods.

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As Donna has written, since you're staying at apartment it is unlikely you will have the chance to get a "pass" or get your license plate onto the white list for getting to the apartment by the owner of the apartment itself.

The "best" solution is this:
find a private garage NEAR the apartment you can drive to and park at while you're in Florence.
You can either search online or ask the apartment owner to tell you which one they recommend is closest to them. They might even have an agreement to get you a discount in that case...
You can likely drive to the apartment right before and drop kids and luggage and wheelchair and then immediately go to the garage: by parking there, they will send your license plate to the local police and to get it on the white list for being their client so that you don't get fined. That will cover the entrance into the ZTL to get to them but also your drop off at the apartment.
Do not choose a garage out of the ZTL at that point since they won't cover the entrance and you'll get the fine.

You can look at some garages here and search for more here.