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Hi, we are planning to pick up a rental car from Rome Airport to Orvieto and tour around the area in 21 May and the next day will be driving around Tscany area (Siena , Chianti etc) and returning the rental car in Florence near train station area in the evening.
Understand that driving in Florence old town is almost impossible. Any advice that should we return the rental car near train station or else where?
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It's true that rush hour traffic can be a bit stressful and at the moment there is some road construction around the train station that can make you want to pull your hair out in stress :p but I won't say that Florence is impossible - just challenging !

However, an alternative could be to leave your car at the airport and then take a taxi to your hotel. The cost of a cab would most probably counter act any stress that could taint your first peek at this marvelous city.

I have also used Europcar, who has a rental place in Galluzzo (Via del Gelsomino, 11, 50125 Firenze), easy access from the main highway and close to the city center - you can catch bus number 11 (runs every 20 - 30 min.) to the train station.

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There are car rental agencies near the Santa Maria Novella train station, therefore downtown - you can see a map here:

If you already know which company you're renting from, or likely to rent from, you can check where they are located - if they are within the ZTL (limited traffic zone), then they are obligated to report the license plates of all cars that are returned to them to the police so that you WON'T get a ticket for having entered the ZTL area. Which means at least not stressing about that part ;) there are a lot of one way streets and having a GPS definitely helps to take the right route there.

Of course, returning at the airport (or at Europcar as Donna indicated) is definitely a solution to avoid the center of the city altogether, particularly in the evening!