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Thanks and congrats!

Thank you Joe! We are glad you found the information and our replies on this forum useful and that you've recommended our Forum on the Rick Steves message board. I wasn't yet on that message board but will likely hang around there and offer some suggestions when I can. I also occasionally post on TripAdvisor's Tuscany and Florence forum and on Yahoo! Answers so I've seen what you mentioned about some people being somewhat rude in their answers to newbies. Sometimes I wonder why they bother to reply if they resent the repetitive questions but, as I'm sure you've seen here and on other boards, there are many more of "us" who are willing to reply and help out as best we can.

So you proposed while in Rome at the Trevi fountain? Congratulations! :) Very romantic - hope you make it back to Italy for your honeymoon, see other parts you didn't get to see on your first trip ;)