Rome -> Florence -> Pisa -> Venice


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I have booked train tickets from Rome to Florence on 27th May.
The train arrives Florence at 21:08, I have booked my accommodation at Hostel 7 Santi, Viale dei Mille, 11, 50131 Firenze, Italy.
Could you please suggest how to get from the Firenze S.M.N to Hostel at that time ?
Where to buy the bus tickets ?
What about the frequency of the public transport at that time ?

The Next day we have an appointment to visit the Pisa. Is it necessary to book in advance the train tickets from Florence to Pisa ?
For the rest of the day, what can be visited in Florence ?
And in the evening we have to catch a train to Venice at 19:35 from Firenze S.M.N.

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So sorry to just have seen this since you are here right now!

Hope you got the train tickets sorted out to Pisa - and caught a bus to the hostel without a problem!

Enjoy Florence and Venice!